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Event: NFL Super Bowl round
Date: February 5th, 2017
Location: NRG Stadium, Houston Texas
Host: Houston Texans

The most surprising part about Richard Sherman going off on Seattle Seahawks coaches for passing from the 1-yard line against the Los Angeles Rams on Thursday night was that he referenced Super Bowl XLIX.”I was letting [Pete Carroll] know. We’ve already seen how that goes,” Sherman said afterwards at his locker. “I’m sure you guys have seen that play enough times.”Carroll admitted late in 2015 that the biggest challenge facing the Seahawks last season was getting over the devastating Super Bowl loss to the New England Patriots. It has now been nearly two years since Russell Wilson was picked off by Malcolm Butler, depriving the Seahawks of back-to-back titles.

But Sherman’s outburst made it clear that as the Seahawks prepare to try to go on a run this postseason, the loss to the Patriots is never far from their minds.In our conversation, in particular, and I’m not sharing much with you, we don’t feel any different about what happened,” Carroll said. “We shared that. That’s never going away, that’s just one of those things.”Before the Seahawks played the Patriots in November, offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell admitted that the scar from the Super Bowl loss would never go away. Wilson downplayed it a bit, saying that game was just a page in his story.Offensively, the Seahawks have only five players who were a part of that game. Defensively, though, there are 10.

“It’s where you put it, and how you deal with it and how it manifests,” Carroll said. “In [Sherman], it came blasting back up. For the most part, for those of us that felt that really deeply — and some did, some didn’t, most everybody felt it to some extent — it’s not going away. If you really care, it’s not going away. There isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s how Super Bowl 51 Live you deal with it, how you move forward with that and how you let it affect you.”The Seahawks’ defense has allowed 16.79 points per game this season, second in the NFL. If Seattle is able to overtake the Patriots (16.64), it would be the fifth straight season Carroll’s squad wins the points title.Sherman and his defensive teammates want to be known as an all-time great unit.

They know that the Seahawks let one slip away in Super Bowl XLIX. And they seem to want to make sure the offense, which has been inconsistent all season, does its part to give them another shot.It keeps me on track, it keeps me on edge, I don’t want to back off,” Carroll said. “I’m not slowing down. I’m not going to let up and get soft about stuff because I can brush stuff off. That stuff sticks in me as deep as it can go. I don’t want it to get in the way of the next thing that’s coming up. That was something that we were talking about today.”Carroll’s approach should serve the Seahawks well. The questions about Super Bowl XLIX will become more common when the postseason begins in a couple weeks.

There’s no reason for Carroll to pretend the Seahawks have somehow completely put that game in their rearview mirror.At the same time, if Seattle’s season ends because of struggles on offense, it will be interesting to see how the defensive players react.With Seattle’s win on Thursday night and the Detroit Lions’ loss on Sunday to the New York Giants, the Seahawks moved back up to No. 2 in the NFC playoff picture.If the regular season ended today, the Seahawks would have a bye in the first round. Their most likely opponent at home in the divisional round would be the third-seeded Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons played the Seahawks tough at CenturyLink Field earlier this season, but Seattle escaped with a 26-24 victory.

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Other possible divisional round opponents in the first round, given the way things are currently set up, include the Lions and Giants.The other team to keep an eye on is the Green Bay Packers. They blew the Seahawks out at Lambeau Field, 38-10, in Week 14 and would be a possible divisional round opponent if Packers were to overtake the Lions in the NFC North.The Seahawks’ two remaining opponents — the Arizona Cardinals (at home) and San Francisco 49ers (away) — are a combined 6-21-1 and have been eliminated from playoff contention. If the Seahawks win out, they will be the No. 2 seed. If they don’t, they could drop down to No. 3 or No. 4.

Seattle is the only team in the NFL that is undefeated (7-0) at home. If the Seahawks take care of business in the final two games, their path to the Super Bowl would include just one potential road game (against the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game).Seattle Seahawks defensive end Damontre Moore was arrested Saturday on charges of driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license.He was booked into Seattle’s King County Jail at 6:56 a.m. PT on Saturday and was released on $1,500 bail at 3:36 p.m. PT.The Seahawks said in a statement that they were aware of the situation and are still gathering information.

Moore, 24, has played in four games for the Seahawks but missed two of the past three games with a foot injury.Moore was a third-round pick (No. 81 overall) of the Super Bowl Live Stream New York Giants in 2013. He spent three seasons there and also appeared in three games with the Miami Dolphins in 2015.He has 10 career sacks, including half a sack with the Seahawks this season.The Giants released Moore in December last year, with multiple sources telling ESPN’s Dan Graziano that Moore was released because he repeatedly violated team rules and had behavior and maturity issues that had not improved during his three years with the team.

The final straw was a fight between Moore and defensive linemate Cullen Jenkins, sources told Graziano, and one source confirmed an NFL Network report that the two fought over the distribution of free Beats headphones in the locker room.SEATTLE — With 5:22 left in Thursday night’s game and the Seattle Seahawks leading the Los Angeles Rams 24-3, Seattle coach Pete Carroll decided to call a fake punt.Punter Jon Ryan ran 26 yards before fumbling the ball, taking a vicious hit and suffering a concussion. Seattle recovered the fumble and ended up with a first down.Given the game situation, it’s fair to wonder why Carroll made the call when he did. On Friday, he defended the decision.

“We had a tremendous preparation for an opportunity to take what we knew could be like a turnover in the game,” Carroll said. “If we could get the opportunity, we would go for it. It didn’t matter when it happened. We were looking for it the whole night. The opportunity that we took, it gave us a chance to hold on to the football and not give them even the chance to get the ball back. What more could I do to help my team?”How it gets perceived and all, that’s what you guys get to talk about when you want to. And I think it’s a waste of energy, but I understand it. I don’t expect that you can see it from our perspective. I thought it was an excellent demonstration of planning and prep and execution. It worked perfectly, except for the end of it was terrible.

But that allowed us to keep the football, and it didn’t have anything to do with something with the score or anything. Just trying to finish the game as well as we could, in command of it as we were.”The Seahawks’ next game is at home versus the Arizona Cardinals on Dec. 24.Carroll said the team will evaluate Ryan next week and then decide what to do about the Super Bowl Live punting duties.”We’ll just wait it out with Jon, but if he can’t play, we’ll have to do something, and we’ll figure it out,” Carroll said. “There’s a lot of guys who dropped notes in my suggestion box that they can punt. Guys like [Jermaine] Kearse and Russ [Russell Wilson], they all think they can punt if we need it. We’ll have some guys. We’ll have a punt, pass and kick contest this week if we need to.” [Source]